About Autowise

Autowise.ai, established in 2017, is an autonomous technology provider that specializes in the development of autonomous road sweepers and indoor scrubbers. In 2017, we established one of China's earliest robotaxi fleets in Shanghai. In 2019, we received the world’s first road test license for autonomous sweepers. Our autonomous sweeper fleet consists of different sweepers that weigh from 1 to 18 tons. Each sweeper is retrofitted with autonomous technology and modified to perform a range of autonomous cleaning operations. We have deployed over 150 autonomous road sweepers in China, Switzerland, Germany, and America.

Our mission

We strive to promote the assimilation of autonomous sweepers into the urban planning and infrastructure of the modern society.

Our vision

We aim to provide high-quality autonomous sweepers that guarantee optimum performance, safety, and zero carbon emissions.



Founder and CEO

Huang Chao

Mr. Huang Chao founded Autowise.ai in 2017 and now oversees its strategic planning and operations management. He has over 10 years of experience in the autonomous driving industry. He previously served as a senior R&D engineer for Baidu’s Research Institute, head of core strategy and chief engineer within DiDi’s autonomous driving division. At DiDi, he helped establish the company’s autonomous driving R&D department. During his time at DiDi, the department completed several autonomous vehicle tests at speeds of 40km/h on urban roads and 80km/h on highways.

As the CEO of Autowise.ai, he is committed to providing cutting-edge autonomous technology that is safe, environmentally friendly and improves the urban infrastructure of societies around the world.

Huang Chao - Founder and CEO

“If I were lucky enough to be able to choose between becoming a Fortune 500 company and winning the Turing Award, I would choose the Turing Award, no question.”

Life at Autowise

People who do great things deserve a stimulating environment with a great support network. That’s why we take great care in creating a workspace that’s full of fun activities.


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